• How to Grip a Rifle when Shooting

  • Knowing how to grip a rifle is very important. This can really impact the effectiveness of your shot. If you want to have your hands positioned correctly, here are some guidelines that work:

    Primary hand 
    Your dominant hand is going to be used to fire the rifle. It should be sitting comfortably on the gun. It must not be there simply to manipulate it, but so that the finger can manage the trigger effectively.

    Your trigger finger should be positioned so that the tip of the finger is sitting on the trigger. However, the finger should not wrap around the trigger. It also should not be touching the rifle or guard. In addition, keep the finger on the outer edge of the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot. 

    Support hand 
    The support hand is extremely important. This will be the right hand for lefties, and vise versa. It has to be sitting comfortably beneath the rifle, at the right balance point. Otherwise, it can throw the shot off. 

    The important thing for the support hand is that it is sitting comfortably, and properly transferring the weight of the rifle through the wrist to the forearm. If not, it will cause the rifle to shake due to its’ forward position.  

    The main purpose of the grip is to hold it in your hands, and not your arms. If the arms are holding the rifle, you will be less stable, and the shot will not be accurate.

    Do not forget the stance  
    No matter how good your grip is, you also need to stand correctly. The important thing is that you are standing with your feet roughly shoulder width apart to give you a solid foundation. This ensures that you do not rock around, and that you remain steady while you shoot. Also, keep your weight slightly on your heels, to combat the recoil effect.  

    The way you grip a rifle is very important to your success. Use these guidelinesBusiness Management Articles, and you will increase your effectiveness.  

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