• Three Steps to Selecting a Handgun for Close Protection

  • Three Steps to Selecting a Handgun for Close Protection

    November 13, 2017 | Blog | admin1
  • Choosing a sidearm for close protection is vital to becoming one with your handgun.

    I know a lot of people have their preferences for there own reasons and I respect that. But by all means use the handgun that works best for you.

    Just consider the info below and I hope it will give you some more insight on a direction to go when purchasing a firearm for close protection.

    When it comes to selecting a firearm it is a matter of preference to a degree. The mission should dictate the tools you need successfully to complete your task. There are some variables which should be a factor in almost any sidearm use decision.

    The (3) major and basic considerations for people when choosing a firearm whether for self-defense or close protection should be:

    • Caliber
    • Accuracy
    • Reliability

    Accuracy- Is a direct result of weapons training and the component you can most impact. Today's modern guns are very accurate straight from the manufacturer. Accuracy is not attained through the gun but through the operator.

    So you have to train, train, train to be accurate. Then on top of training when you are in a stressful situation your most likely will not be as accurate as you are at the range. So train and train some more.

    Caliber- I am a firm believer that most people should consider shooting the largest caliber and heaviest load that they can shoot accurately. Caliber has no affect if you cannot shoot accurately and hit your target/threat.

    I highly recommend nothing smaller then a 9mm, 9mm,.40,.45 are my favorite calibers. With these calibers you are provided stopping power. Accuracy should always be more important than caliber.

    Reliability- Today's modern guns are built with good standards and are mostly reliable. Selecting a handgun manufacturer can be difficult at times. Do your research and select a manufacturer who's handguns will with stand up to the pressure of everyday use for training and practice.

    The last thing you want is an unreliable handgun when you need it the most. So please review your handgun manufacturers and due your research. I have listed four very respectable gun manufacturers.  Click any of these to view Northside Gun Shops inventory.


    Sig Sauer


    Smith & Wesson

    So what are your thoughts on selecting a handgun. What do you look for in a a gun?

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